Chucklemums Linky Week 26

Hello! It’s Tuesday, it’s 7 o’clock, iiiiitttt’s…CHUCKLEMUMS!

More significantly, it’s Chucklemums Week 26, which indicates that it’s a whole half a year since this linky started, bringing you the funniest parenting blogs from around the internet.

Chucklemums logo showing a large dinosaur drinking some wine, with a handbag. Beta Mummy is riding on the back, also with wine, and a pink Mouse sits on the tail.

Now then, your Chucklemums hosts are Fran (Whinge Whinge Wine), Sarah (Mumzilla), Sam (Mouse Moo Me Too) and me, Beth (Beta Mummy).  We have decided to give ourselves each a week off every four weeks, and Sarah has wangled half term week, so this time around you’ve got Fran, Sam and I tweeting and commenting.


Thanks linkers for all the great links last week.  Between us we chose Rhyming With Wine’s post which every parent can relate to (I know I certainly can!)



Well deserved – swing by and collect your #PantsAward badge here.

We’re organised little bees and have stored all of the previous winners here, so if you’ve got a spare ten hours then do mooch over and have a read through.

New Shiny Things!

In the name of all things progressive, we’re dipping our #Chucklemums fingers into all sorts of pies.

Facebook… We now have a swanky Facebook page, here, where we’ll share the winning posts each week as well as various witterings. So you’d better like the page, innit.

Pinterest… We’ve (literally) just started a #Chucklemums board where we’ll be sure to* pin your posts each week, because we’re good hosts like that.

*We’ll try to remember.  Bearing in mind that I personally have no idea what Pinterest is all about, this could be a rash promise.  Sam knows what she’s doing with it, though 😉

Instagram… We’re also opening up a spanking new Instagram tag and hosting a monthly collection of funny photos, designed to make us chuckle. If they tie in with your linked post, all the better. So, from the 1st of each month, just use the #Chucklemums hashtag and tag our usernames, and we’ll choose our favourite at the end of the month. The winner will get a supersexy Instapants badge, wooo!

Sigh, and now the rules, to stop you all going rogue:

  • You’re welcome to link up to two posts each week. No advertising, paid reviews or sponsored posts please.
  • Posts don’t have to be brand new but they must be yours and they must be funny.  Now at risk of sounding like a total bitch, lately we have had a few posts linked up that have been more schmaltz than snigger.  They may be brilliant posts, but if they’re not humorous, then this linky is not the place for them, sorry!
  • Please add your blog or Twitter handle before the title of your post when you link up.
  • We open our proverbial doors at 7am Tuesday and call last orders just before 10pm, so you have plenty of time to link up. We try to have all commenting complete by Friday (try!), and announce the winner of the coveted #PantsAward over the weekend.
  • We’ll rotate the hosting so that three of us are on duty each week. This means that you’ll always get at least two hosts commenting on your linked post, and sometimes even all three if we’re in good moods.
  • We’d be grateful if you could comment on each of the host posts, if you have time. Then the world is your oyster – just choose any other linked post that you fancy and leave them a meaningful comment. Things like “Great post!” are a bit wishy washy.
  • If you like a post, feel free to share it on your social media, spread the funny!
  • PLEASE make sure your Twitter handle appears on your sharing link!
  • Once you’ve added your link, tweet  @whingewine, @beta_mummy and @mousemoo_metoo with the hashtag #chucklemums, linking your post for a retweet.

Let’s slap a badge on it and get you linked…

Finalment, click here to add your link!

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Loads of love,

The Chucklemums xxx

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