#Chucklemums Linky Week 17

I seem to be making a bit of a habit of this, but here I am again for the third time, co-hosting the pee-your-pants linky, #Chucklemums.  Guaranteed laughs aplenty, so if you have time on your hands and fancy a giggle, read on – welcome to #Chucklemums Week 17…

We decided that because there were three of us co-hosting last week. it only seemed fair to have three winners, and these were the ones that made us leave a small patch of wee on the sofa.

First up was The Beginner’s Guide to Primary School by Mothering Frights, which had the school-age branch of our pack nodding along and guffawing, with the remaining two hiding behind our cushions (this was my personal favourite last week).

Our second pick of the week was The Unsung Mum and the Swimming Pool Palaver by The Unsung Mum, for her impeccable description of the shitty family swimming ritual.

Our third laugh-out-loud linkup came from 10 Alternative Work Colleagues For The Modern Mother At Home by Mummy Rules. Er, after work drink with the after work drinker anyone?


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If you haven’t already, make sure you go and check the winning posts out, along with the other brilliant posts from previous weeks which are all stored here.

By now, you should all know the rules. If not, please swot up on them here!


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If you’re new to the wonderful world of the linky, please have a squizz at this guide put together by the fabulous @CuddleFairy and shout if you have any problems linking up.

The link up opens at 7am Tuesday and closes at 11pm so you have aaaaaages to submit your post to us. We try to announce the winner of the #PantsAward every Friday (yes, yes, we were late last week) and have all commenting completed by this point, too.

Please do have a good old peruse through the linked posts, we’re sure as sure can be that you’ll find something in there to make you piss yourself a little bit.

Much love,

Beth (Beta Mummy), Sam (Mouse, Moo & Me Too), Sarah (Mumzilla), and Fran (Whinge Whinge Wine)  xxxx

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