Chucklemums Linky…Over and Out


We’re sorry but this is going to be the last #Chucklemums linky brought to you by the roarsome foursome that is Sam, Fran, Sarah and I. None of us have the time to do it justice anymore, and we love it so much we can’t bear to let it gradually decline into crapness.  Bloody work.  Bloody kids.  Bloody neglected husbands.  You know the score.

the chucklemums

So here it is, one last hurrah. If any of you want to pick up the giggle baton (now there’s a fabulous innuendo!) please let us know, it’s been such a great linky it would be a shame to see it slide off the blogosphere into a small sad splat of despair. Go on, you know you want it…

Anyway, sod the rules – just link up your funnies for one last laugh…

*plays very small violin*

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