#Chucklemums Linky Week 16

Once again, regular non-blogger readers, feel free to look away now as this is the weekly bloggers’ linky for linking up the funniest posts around.  Or stay and have a gander at the funnies, either way.

Anyhow, how the devil are you?  A very warm welcome back to #Chucklemums for Week 16 of this pee-your-pants linky.

It was a bumper crop for week 15 with some properly hilarious link-ups, thank you. We decided that because there were three of us co-hosting. it only seemed fair to have three winners, and these were the ones that made us leave a small patch of wee on the sofa.

First up was A Week of Parenting Fails in Pictures by Not An Effing Fairy Tale, which read like a comedy of errors from start to finish with a timely mention of Justin Beiber’s cock.

Our second pick of the week was Coffee & Bubbles with Mumsplaining – Diet and Exercise. Her post gave us a very sound and logical explanation as to why we’re all so bloody fat after having children, and how we might (un)realistically target the muffin top.

Our third laugh-out-loud linkup came from The Mum Project with her 7 Things That Are Easier After Having a Child. Her failsafe line to win any argument with him indoors is unrivaled.


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