Christmas gifts for Beta Mummies

My family keeps pestering me about what I’d like for Christmas this year, and I always struggle to come up with ideas. Let’s be honest, I have everything that I need, and lots of things that I don’t need, and I think I’m getting to an age where accumulating “stuff” no longer floats my boat.

However, I asked my lovely Facebook followers for ideas, and came up with a few more of my own, and decided to stick some of them all down in this post, in case it helped give any of my fellow Beta Mummies (or Daddies) some inspiration.

I’m not a super-blogger type, I don’t do sponsored posts, and rarely have companies approach me to advertise their goods – it turns out that my lifestyle and I are not exactly “aspirational”…no idea why.  So this is purely a list of the things that I like the look of, no strings attached.

1.  A bottle of Conker Gin. Conker is made in Dorset, and as a proud Dorset gal I am exceedingly pleased that we’ve managed to come up with such a delicious gin.  I have given some very strong hints about this one.

2.  A large quantity of Fever Tree tonic.  Can’t have gin without tonic, and wouldn’t want to taint my lovely Conker with nasty cheap tonic, now, would I?

3.  A Winging It sweatshirt from Selfish Mother.  I’ve been lusting after one of these for ages but they’re just a bit too expensive for me to justify buying for myself, despite it being really rather perfect for me.  I am planning to get some Beta Mummy sweatshirts made, but in the meantime, I’d love one of these.


4.  An Amazon Echo.  I have a Prime account, which means I have unlimited streamed music, so it seems like a bit of a non-brainer to get one of these.  Says the girl who still buys CDs…not sure I’m quite ready to move into the modern age yet!  I do hope Alexa will be gentle with me…

5.  Mother Pukka‘s new book – Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life. Like many of you I’m sure, I love following Anna on Instagram. She has an amazing knack of connecting with people, especially mums, and even-more-especially working mums. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on her book, especially as it is super-colourful and will look ever so nice on my bookshelf!

6.  A massage.  A voucher for the Lush Spa would be amazing.  I had a massage at the Poole spa once, when I was pregnant with Feral Child #1, and it was seriously good.  Expensive, but so worth it.  This one would help me get over the trauma of two weeks off work, at home with the Ferals.  Actually two massages would be ideal.

7.  A Moleskine notebook.  I have one on the go, and at least two in reserve, but all my Beta Mummy doodles are doodled in a lined Moleskine, so one of these is always a good bet for me.  And who doesn’t like beautiful stationery?

8.  Chocolate.  I love chocolate.  And for a special occasion, I love posh chocolate.  Even better if it has loads of nuts in it so the kids won’t like it.  One of these Hotel Chocolat wreaths would me very nicely, please and thank you 🙂

Right, well, that’s about me done.  Not the most exhaustive list, I grant you, but if I was given any of the things on this list I’d be a very happy bunny.  What do you reckon – anything you’d add?



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