Calling All Beta Daddies!

My blog usually focuses on Beta Mummy and her practically perfect counterpart, Alpha Mummy, but someone recently asked me if there was a Beta Daddy…

Well, as regular readers will know, there’s no longer a daddy (Alpha, Beta or otherwise) living in my house, but I thought it was only fair to deflect some attention away from my own parental shortcomings for a change, and focus on some Dad-fails.

A little doodle of Beta Daddy looking harassed with children around his feet.

So – are you a Beta Daddy? Or maybe you fancy yourself as more of an Alpha… I want to hear your stories of when your true Alpha/Beta status has shone through.

Perhaps you had the kids to yourself for the weekend and had all sorts of wholesome activities planned…Baking? A lovely walk? Only for it to go horribly wrong.  Maybe you had an unfortunate crotch-head-butt incident which resulted in a trip to A&E.  What about other dads – do you find yourself drawing comparisons with them and thinking they’re so much more Alpha than you?

I want stories of poonamis, disastrous trips out and about, vomit (theirs or yours?!), embarrassment, hair removal, beer guts and equipment-malfunctions.  Basically, I want your posts to make me feel better about myself!

Love from Beta Mummy xx

If you’re a dad blogger and want to feature in my Beta Daddy series, please email me, contact me via the form below, or on Twitter.

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