Beta Mummy Dreads…WORLD BOOK DAY

Thursday 1st March 2018 is World Book Day.

Beta Mummies, do not panic! I repeat, DO NOT PANIC!

(OK, panic just a little bit, after all this is one of the most dreaded days of the school year for useless mothers like me who don’t do sewing or crafty shit).

In our house I always forget until the night before, whereby I dash to the nearest supermarket to find a suitable costume only to find that every other bastard has had the same desperate idea, and there is nothing remotely “literary” left.  Contemplate buying a job lot of Bacofoil and sending both the Feral Children in as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

Back home, I rummage through the kids’ bedrooms looking for costumes – we have a few. Unfortunately they are all superheroes or from Star Wars. But comics are a type of book, right? We can pretend that they’ve read the comics, not just watched the slightly age-inappropriate films.

In the morning, the Ferals fight almost to the death over who gets to be Captain America, and the little one eventually decides that he will go as Batman. Only the Batman costume is actually pyjamas and he also wants to wear pants on his head because at the moment, he refuses to leave the house without pants on his head. FML.

At school, the playground is full of kids whose parents appear to have commissioned a professional costume designer.  These kids apparently like proper books, actual literary classics, and are standing around nicely, chatting about the virtues of the characters that they are dressed as.  My two charge around the playground shouting “DIE DIE DIE!” and wrestling each other to the ground.  I’d like to think that the masks they’re wearing means that nobody could possibly associate them with me…but you know…I am Beta Mummy after all.

ANYWAY, in the interest of being useful and helping out some fellow Beta Parents, I’ve done some research and come up with my top 5 totally easy World Book Day costume ideas.  So simple even Beta Mummy could manage…


Five EASY PEASY World Book Day Costumes:

  1. Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs.  You will need:  normal clothes e.g. jeans and a jumper, and a plastic bucket with some toy dinosaurs in it.  Boom.
  2. Sophie from The BFG.  You will need:  a nightie.
  3. Captain Underpants.  You will need:  a pair of white Y-fronts (the bigger the better), a red cape, and that’s about it… my kids would love this one.  Might be a bit chilly in the UK in March, though!
  4. George from George’s Marvellous Medicine.  You will need:  normal clothes, a big saucepan (stick a label on it saying “Marvellous Medicine”, to remove all doubt), and a wooden spoon.
  5. Dennis from The Boy in the Dress.  You will need: a dress.  And a boy willing to wear the dress!


There.  Don’t say that I never give you any useful advice.  Have fun!

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  • Perdita 19/02/2018 at 7:44 pm

    I am a literacy teacher. I have to dress up as well as my daughter. She wants to be a princess (easy: dress + crown). She wants me to be: warty old witch OR ugly sister OR toad OR wicked stepmother. Well at least I get a choice! Pass the green face paint…

    • Beta Mummy 19/02/2018 at 7:45 pm

      Ha ha, brilliant! Kids can be so sweet…


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