Visiting Santa with Alpha Mummy & Beta Mummy

The annual Father Christmas visit with the children.  (I’m going to call him Father Christmas, because despite Santa being snappier and quicker to type, I am English and we call him Father Christmas.  So there.)

You want to get it perfect, right? You want the magic, the snowy scenes, the beautiful photographs, magical memories…a real beard would be nice, too…  Despite my Beta tendencies, I love Christmas and every year I try extra hard to achieve Alpha-ness… I try.

It seems to me (learned through bitter experience), that overall enjoyment of any given occasion or event is inversely proportional to both the amount of money spent on said occasion, and the expectation of enjoyment on my part. i.e. The Perfect Father Christmas Visit is destined for disaster from the outset.

It turns out that some kids don’t appreciate being plonked on a stranger’s knee, told to be polite to him or they won’t get any presents, and then being told to be grateful for a random present that they didn’t ask for and probably aren’t remotely interested in.

This doesn’t stop hoards of us scouring the internet and local Facebook groups for reviews and suggestions of “the best” Father Christmas experience to visit.  Does the posh garden centre in the next town have the most realistic one, one with a real beard?  Will the school Christmas fair do?  Will the kids notice if he doesn’t have a real beard…does it matter?  The various grandparents like to get involved as well, so last year we ended up going to three – one with my mum and one with my dad, and the one I wanted to go to.  With hindsight, three was at least two too many.

So this year, I did my research, and managed to book to see the REAL SANTA at Longleat Safari Park.  It had better be the real one, for the amount of money I’ve paid.  I’m keeping everything crossed that my aforementioned theory on cost:enjoyment relationship will prove to be entirely false.  This year will be the year that my kids don’t whinge and moan about the wait.  This year will be the year that they don’t cry when presented to the man in red.   Who knows – perhaps they’ll even seem vaguely grateful?!  I’m acutely aware that we are running out of “optimum believing years”, so this year I am gunning for perfection.

Yeah, I’ll let you know how it goes…

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  • Lisa Sherratt 13/01/2018 at 11:49 am

    I must admit that after a rubbish experience with my step daughter not enjoying meeting Father Christmas at all I’ve decided not to bother with my own daughter! As for reality not working out, we went on an “adventure walk” and my stepdaughter got so cold we had to leave before we’d finished!! Funny on the “Real Santa” idea though as over the last few years my sister has worked with a hotel in London driving a guy who literally makes a living out of being Father Christmas around the city in a mini. She has said after spending many hours with him that despite being a convincing Father Christmas to look at he is actually one of the most negative people she’s ever met!!

    • Beta Mummy 13/01/2018 at 1:45 pm

      Oh dear – talk about spoiling the magic! I met a Father Christmas once and honestly I came away believing that he was the real deal! 🙂


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