A Beta Mummy Guide to Brushing Your Child’s Teeth…


That’s the idea, anyway… (I used to love Supergrass – whatever happened to them?!)

But if you’re a Beta Mummy then I GUARANTEE that at some point you’ve had fun and games getting your little cherub’s teeth brushed. In fact, if you haven’t sat on your own child for the good of their teeth, are you even a parent?

I first published these teeth brushing doodles on my Facebook page, and asked my friendly gaggle of Beta-followers to supply some tips for getting their kids to willingly brush their teeth.  Here’s what they came up with:

  1.  Sing a song whilst you’re brushing – “Brush brush brush your teeth/Brush the food away/If you don’t, they’ll all go brown/And you’ll get tooth decay!”  (Straight to the point; I like it).
  2. Brush their teeth whilst they’re distracted by the TV – you can get them to spit into a flannel.
  3. Buy them an electric toothbrush – my Ferals would love a Star Wars one, I must admit.  Actually, so would I.
  4. Swaddle them if they’re young enough, or put them in a headlock, and just get on with it!  It’s not child abuse if it’s for their own good, right…?
  5. Tell them the tooth fairy won’t come if the teeth aren’t clean enough (probably only works if they’re at, or nearly at, wobbly teeth time).
  6. Sit on a chair, and get them to crouch in front of you, facing away.  Tip their head back onto your lap and open their mouth.  You get a great view of their teeth, apparently.  I wouldn’t know, as there’s no way in hell that I’d persuade either of the Ferals to do this, but you might have more luck than me.
  7. Show them your own gnashers (ideally a bit manky-looking with a good few fillings) and threaten them that their teeth will look like yours if they don’t brush properly.

Well, I don’t know about you but I think that’s not a bad little list of suggestions – some more helpful than others, I grant you.  I hope that you find something worth trying, and if not, that you at least have a good giggle at the doodles!  Good luck!


BM x


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