The Feral Child’s End of Year School Show

It’s that time of year again.  The academic year is drawing to a close, much to the relief of teachers everywhere. But before term ends, it’s time for the school play, or show, or end-of-term prize-giving, or whatever your child’s school calls it.  It’s a lovely time:  a time to celebrate our little ones and all that they’ve achieved over the year, and a time to sob a tiny bit at the fact that another year is over already.  And a time to curse the teachers as yet another note comes home in the book bag asking for a plain orange tee-shirt or twelve empty Pringles tubes, or an octopus costume, with a couple of days’ notice.

If you’re an Alpha Mummy, it’s a time to feign modest surprise as your children clean up across the board – Best Sportsman, Best Musician, the Merit Award.  Your children are probably playing the leading roles in the show, modelling your hand-stitched costumes marvellously, and will (tunefully of course) sing their little hearts out with smiles on their angelic little faces. How you’ll enjoy instagramming it all to your friends and family later!

Doodle showing the end of year school show, with Alpha Mummy and Beta Mummy in the audience and their children on stage

If you’re a Beta Mummy then your kids almost certainly won’t win anything, and won’t have a starring role.  They’ll be in the back row on stage and told not to sing too loudly (they’ve inherited their mother’s tone-deafness)…  You’ll spend the whole performance trying to subtly gesture to them to tuck their shirt in and stop playing with themselves, for God’s sake (true story).


But it will be wonderful.  And funny.  And poignant.  You will have a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye.  And whether they win, or not,  and have a starring role, or not, your heart will swell with pride because, in every sense, haven’t they grown?



Now I know that some of my sons’ school’s teachers read this blog…cringe.  So if you teachers happen to see this, I want you to know how much I appreciate you all.  I bloody love our little school, and the way that it is (you are) helping me tame my Feral boys without crushing their characters.  FC#1 in particular is a “challenge”, I know, but I also know that he is loved, and as a working mum who spends far too much time away from her kids, knowing that your child is loved by the people that care for him when I’m not… that’s priceless, so thank you xxx

p.s. I’m only being this soppy because it’s ages until I see you next, and hopefully we’ll all have forgotten about this by then! 😉

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