Beta Mummy Hates Playing With Her Kids.

Kids tend to like make-believe and role play games – you know, like driving cars around or pretending to be shopkeepers or having a teddy bears picnic.  I…don’t. I fucking hate that sort of thing.  I just feel like a complete knob when I try, I don’t seem to be very good at it, and also, it’s boring.  There, I’ve said it. It is B O R I N G.  That probably makes me a Bad Person, but hey ho.  I know deep down that I’m not the worst mum in the world (despite my eldest screaming it at me on a regular basis), I know that at least most of the time I try to do my best for my kids.  But I realllllly hate playing.

Running about in the garden?  Fine.  Colouring and drawing?  Fine.  Even baking, much as I regret it when I survey the state of the kitchen afterwards.  But how my heart sinks when I’m asked to play “Tracey Island” or Doctors”.

The worst thing about it is that even when I put some enthusiasm into it, apparently I get it all wrong.  I choose the wrong character to be, then I don’t use the “proper” voice, then I make them do something that APPARENTLY they would never do in real life (THEY’RE NOT REAL!!!), then I’m not taking it seriously enough(?!!)  God help me, it’s no wonder I’m driven to drink and carbohydrates.

Luckily my kids aren’t as into role play games as some – my Ferals prefer just beating the shit out of each other or running around like lunatics.  I do feel a bit guilty that my lack of enthusiasm early on may have put them off, and that this gap in their “play learning” will lead to some sort of mental deficiency in later life – lack of empathy or something.   Ah well.

Do you like playing games like this? Please tell me I’m not the only one…!

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