Recycling Crap with Alpha Mummy & Beta Mummy

Turns out this week (25th September – 1st October 2017) is Recycle Week! Which is handy as recycling happens to be the subject of my latest doodlings. Now I’m hoping that some of you can identify with me on this, because whilst I am a good little recycler, I can’t help but feel a little…Beta when I’m putting the recycling bin out.

Whereas Alpha Mummy has a purpose-made, compact, utility room-matching bin neatly stacked with the few bits of packaging that she didn’t manage to reduce or re-use, my mountain of recycling gets piled into my latest Amazon Prime  box. I don’t know where they all come from but somehow my recycling box gets filled up with loads of bottles. Bottles, and an insane amount of “artwork” that gets sent home from school/nursery. I swear I’ve recycled several whole trees in the past couple of years.

Anyway, it all builds up over the course of a fortnight until every time I add another masterpiece to the pile, something slightly stinky falls out – but I persevere with my little game of Buckaroo for as long as possible because I’m too lazy to take it out to the wheelie bin. Inevitably something or other hasn’t been emptied out properly and ends up soaking through the bottom of the box and causing half the stuff to fall out when I finally pick the box up.

I always forget which day the bin men come, so the 6am bra-less wild-haired pyjama-clad dash is a regular occurrence here…and the deafening smash of my recycling as it crashes into the wheelie bin is usually enough to make me cringe and get the neighbours’ curtains twitching. DON’T JUDGE ME SHIRLEY! SOME OF THAT GLASS IS THOSE FANCY YOGURT POTS – IT’S NOT ALL WINE (or gin)!!

Tell me I’m not the only one…please?

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