Rainy Day Survival with Beta Mummy and Alpha Mummy

“There’s no such thing as bad weather”, Alpha Mummies declare, “only bad preparation!”

I beg to differ.  When I wake up to another rainy day and the sound of the wind rattling my bedroom window, my heart sinks.  My Feral Children do not cope well with being penned up indoors.  But some days, it’s unavoidable.

I would love to have children that enjoy quiet crafting activities, delight in helping Mummy with some yummy baking, or making the most of rainy days by snuggling up under a blanket together to watch a movie with some popcorn.  I reckon I might almost be tempted to enjoy Autumn and Winter if my children would be suitably Alpha.

Alpha Mummy enjoys rainy day crafting activities with her angelic children.
But no. I am Beta Mummy and my children’s idea of crafting is to empty ALL of the glitter/paint/stickers on the table/floor/each others’ hair, then lose interest after 5 minutes and spend the rest of the day coming up with creative ways to kill each other. Baking with kids is always a nightmare, in my opinion – and if I do manage to produce something edible then I just eat it, piggy that I am, and get fat(ter). And my children do not have the attention span or ability to stay still for long enough to watch a whole film – they do like popcorn though.

Beta Mummy praying for the end of this rainy day, the house is wrecked!

So yeah, I hate rainy days.   “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation” – my response to this is, yes there fucking is – it’s been raining torrentially for three days straight and I am in no mood to go “puddle jumping”.

And the laundry.  The laundry basket is overflowing, and my emergency laundry basket (the bath) is almost full, too.  There’s a wet load mouldering away in the machine because all the radiators and airers are full with damp-dog-smelling clothes that just won’t dry, and we have all run out of clean pants.  Garrrrrr…

Yours soggily,

BM x

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