Parents Evening with the Alphas & the Betas

Have you had parents’ evening just lately? How did it go?

I always tend to go in dreading what the Ferals’ poor, long-suffering teachers are going to say about the them, only to come away unsure whether to be pleased that they’re actually doing really well at school, or pissed off about the fact that they seem to behave themselves everywhere except at home with me!

I do always make a point of listening out for the “shit sandwich” – i.e. they tell you something good, then something not so good, followed up with another good thing.

E.G. FC#1’s teacher said something along these lines:

“He’s doing really well at reading and writing….but he needs to be told to rein it in sometimes and let other children have a chance to speak….and he’s really good at drawing”

“Rein it in”. I have a sneaky feeling this is teacher-code for “OMG WILL YOU STOP BEING SUCH AN ANNOYING LITTLE SOD!” but I may be wrong…is there a primary school teacher amongst my followers who would like to confirm?! 😉

Did you come away from Parents Eve feeling like an Alpha parent or a Beta?

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