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Bloody homework. Sometimes I wonder who hates it more: Feral Child or me.
As soon as they start school kids these days seem to start getting homework in one form or other. Whether it’s daily reading, phonics practice, writing a diary or – heaven forbid – making something, homework is a curse inflicted upon the whole family.

We are actually quite lucky, to be fair – the Ferals’ school so far has shown itself to be fairly chilled on the homework front. Some of the other local schools set so much, even for Reception kids – I couldn’t believe it when I heard how much some of my friends’ kids were getting!
The problem is, little kids get really tired by a day at school. Factor after-school club in, for us families with two working parents, and we are looking at not much more than an hour between getting home, and getting ready for bed. The kids are normally completely knackered by the time we get in, and I just need them to watch TV for 20 mins or so whilst I cobble some dinner together. I just don’t have time to sit down with the two of them and attempt homework. Reading, I can just about cope with: providing I manage to get us all out of the house early enough, I can do FC#2’s reading with him in the car parked outside of school before I drop them both off. FC#1’s books are tediously long now, though, so I tend to get him to read chapters out loud whilst I potter about in the kitchen in the evening (if he’s willing to play ball).
Actual written homework has to wait until the weekends. Joy joy. It’s not what I want to spend my precious weekend time coercing them into doing, but needs must as it’s literally the only time we’re all awake enough to do it. It’s not fun, and I question the value of it versus the stress involved. I appreciate that it’s good to instill in them the habit of learning outside of a classroom environment, but my god I’m not sure I have the energy to do it right now, at this point in our lives. Surely homework should only be set to children that are old enough to complete it by themselves? Anything that involves a huge amount of my participation is surely homework for me, not them?!
And don’t get me started on the projects that involve making shit. I just won’t do it. Crack on, Ferals, you’re on your own….sorry. If I had to go into school aged 7 with a totally made-by-me (because my mum was completely useless at crafts) crappy attempt at a viking ship, whilst all my classmates turned up with historically accurate scale models that actually floated, then so can you. Call it character building…
Sorry about the rant, I just really don’t like homework!


How do you feel about homework for primary school kids? A necessary evil or…an unnecessary evil?! 😉
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