Christmas Baking with Alpha Mummy & Beta Mummy

There are certain activities that a good mother simply MUST do with her children at Christmas in order to portray that perfect image of family bliss on social media.  These include decorating the Christmas tree, attending the nativity at church, visiting Father Christmas at a suitably expensive grotto experience, taking an adorable festive jumper-clad family portrait, and of course, Christmas baking – usually in the form of a gingerbread house.

If you can’t manage these then frankly, you need to try a bit harder – it is Christmas after all.

Pah ha ha ha, who am I kidding?!  Only an Alpha Mummy can achieve the pinnacle of seasonal insta-greatness with a gingerbread house which not only stands erect (hee hee…sorry, can’t help myself) and symmetrical, is beautifully decorated by the angelic children, but tastes marvellous too.

Alpha Mummy and her children completing the finishing touches to their perfect gingerbread house.


Beta Mummy buys a ready-made gingerbread house from Aldi.  The roof falls off on the way home.  Everybody cries.

However, despite having had numerous baking disasters previously, she gets swept up in the Christmas spirit and because she secretly wants to be an Alpha Mummy, lets the children loose on the kitchen…after all, how far wrong can you go with mince pies?!

A doodle of Beta Mummy in her kitchen surrounded by carnage.

Very.  The answer is very.


So my advice, dear reader, as always, is to do what you feel.  If you want to get stuck in with some Christmas baking with the kids, then great, but do it because you really want to, not because you feel that you should.  Don’t worry about what Instagram or Pinterest says that you “must” be doing.  You know what, the Aldi gingerbread house actually tastes pretty good, and let’s be honest, once the kids have been let loose on it, it’ll look terrible beautiful in any case.

I wish you all a very happy, merry, magical-in-its-own-way, wine-and-cheese-filled Christmas – cheers Beta Mummies!

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