Breakfast time with Alpha Mummy & Beta Mummy

Breakfast time! The most important meal of the day, so let’s start as we mean to go on, shall we?

Alpha Mummy knows that little bodies and brains need a healthy, nutritious breakfast to set them up for their busy days of exploring and learning.  The whole family have slept long and deeply, and have woken up looking forward to breaking their fast.  The Alpha children especially love Mummy’s green smoothies!  Breakfast time is a simply delightful opportunity for the whole family to connect physically and emotionally before the day begins in earnest. What joy, what simple pleasures!

Breakfast time bliss in the Alpha household

Meanwhile, in the Beta household… Beta Mummy is pissed off because she was woken up at some ungodly hour to the sound of “Mu-ummmm, can you come and wipe my bottom? Mummy?  MUM!”  The kids are both whinging about something or other and apparently Cheerios are no longer the cereal of choice, despite being the subject of a Category 9 tantrum on the most recent supermarket visit.  A succession of breakfast-ish items are flung in the direction of the kitchen table, most of which ends up on the floor, or left to weld itself to the table over the course of the day…

Breakfast chaos in the Beta Mummy house

They’re all on course for being late for school/work (again), yesterday’s socks may well need to be fished out of the washing basket (where do all the socks go, seriously?), and Beta Mummy will be reliant once again upon baby wipes to remove that blob of porridge off the bum of her trousers.  The eldest Feral Child announces that he is supposed to bring his volcano model (WHAT VOLCANO MODEL?!) into school today, and sure enough, there buried at the bottom of his school bag is a letter about the homework, dated two weeks ago.

Is it bedtime yet?

Which one best represents your breakfast times – Alpha or Beta?!

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