Bonfire Night at Alpha Mummy’s and Beta Mummy’s…

Bonfire Night, celebrated on the 5th November each year, is about as British a tradition as you can get.  We celebrate with bonfires (duh), fireworks, sparklers, apple-bobbing and cider-drinking.

I find the history of it rather amusing.  Whereas most countries would celebrate a good old revolution, we Brits celebrate the day that our monarchy and government wasn’t overthrown.  Guy Fawkes and his crew were found out, their plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament foiled, and they were all executed.  In fact, we relish that bit most of all by sticking a “guy” on top of the bonfire to burn whilst we all raise a glass to say how marvellous it is that back in 1605, order was restored and everyone was able to have a nice cup of tea and get back on with business as usual.  Cheers!

These days, Halloween and Bonfire Night more or less blur into one – there were some kids outside my local Tesco Express the other night asking for a penny for the guy, whilst wearing zombie masks…what’s that all about?!  I don’t know if Americans include fireworks as part of their traditional Halloween festivities, but here we seem to have ended up with a good week or more of fireworks every night, much to my Stupid Cat’s upset.

I rather like firework displays, as it happens, but on one night only.  When it goes on for night after night I start to get pissed off because my kids keep leaping out of bed to look out of the window.  There always seems to be a load going off just as I’m attempting to put them to bed, and then more when I’m trying to get to sleep myself.

This Bonfire Night, we shall be staying at home.  We can watch from my bedroom window, in the warm and relative quiet, and I can drink wine.  Happy days.

Bonfire night in Alpha Mummy's garden, and watching the fireworks from Beta Mummy's kitchen window.

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