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Been out lately?

By out, I mean out out.  Actual lipstick-wearing, late-nighting, non-changing bag carrying, child-free adulting, out.

Back in the good old days, going out was a regular occurrence, an often spontaneous, normal part of life. Nowadays, going out out requires military-style planning.  A night out with a few mates is now a big deal: “The Mums’ Night Out” – and its not straightforward.  For a start, managing to find a date that all your friends can do is nigh-on impossible, now that you all have “responsibilities”. You have to find a venue that everyone can agree on – not too pricey because everyone is poor, but not too chavvy or too full of young people. Then someone always bails, that’s inevitable. One of the kids will be ill or the babysitter cancels. Babysitters. What’s the going rate for a babysitter these days?

It seems to me that the cost of a night out has spiraled out of control – I was INCENSED recently when I went to the pub and, not only did I not get any change from a fiver for the two drinks I ordered, but in fact one pint – ONE PINT – was more than five British Pounds. I was genuinely astounded. When did this happen? (Answer: in the 7 years since I was last child-free and not pregnant).

And then, on top of the crippling price of booze, you have to re-mortgage your house for a babysitter. I’m actually very lucky in that I have family locally who are happy (“happy”) to babysit for free, but someone told me the other day that they pay £15 per hour for a babysitter! £15!!! That’s another £60-odd for a night out! Is that right – do any of you lot pay that much? I think I’m in the wrong job. I remember when I was a teenager I used to love babysitting because if I was lucky I got twenty quid and a family bag of Kettle Chips in exchange for sitting on someone else’s sofa and watching telly all night. Amazing!

You got any nights out planned , or are you firmly in the Netflix and chill (actual chill, none of that modern-day “chilling”) camp?

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