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A Beta Mummy Guide to Doing a Baby Sale

I recently sold a load of my baby crap at a nearly-new sale.  It wasn’t an NCT one (I’m not sure my shabby offerings would be welcome there), but there are loads of the same sort of thing around these days.  Great for picking up a bargain or three as a buyer, and also great for getting rid of your shit.  Because if you’ve had kids I guarantee you’ll have an awful lot of baby detritus cluttering up your house.  Here are my genuinely useful (who knew?!) tips for selling at a baby sale:

Beta Mummy Dreads…WORLD BOOK DAY

Thursday 1st March 2018 is World Book Day.

Beta Mummies, do not panic! I repeat, DO NOT PANIC!

(OK, panic just a little bit, after all this is one of the most dreaded days of the school year for useless mothers like me who don’t do sewing or crafty shit).

Chicken Pox Survival: A Beta Mummy Guide.

Chicken pox is one of those crappy rites of passage we go through as parents – along with weaning, potty training, accidentally ingesting a bit of your child’s puke (no? Just me?), etc.  We have recently been through this particular delight, so I thought I’d write my very own Beta Mummy guide to coping with it.