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Christmas Baking with Alpha Mummy & Beta Mummy

There are certain activities that a good mother simply MUST do with her children at Christmas in order to portray that perfect image of family bliss on social media.  These include decorating the Christmas tree, attending the nativity at church, visiting Father Christmas at a suitably expensive grotto experience, taking an adorable festive jumper-clad family portrait, and of course, Christmas baking – usually in the form of a gingerbread house.

If you can’t manage these then frankly, you need to try a bit harder – it is Christmas after all.

Chucklemums Linky…Over and Out


We’re sorry but this is going to be the last #Chucklemums linky brought to you by the roarsome foursome that is Sam, Fran, Sarah and I. None of us have the time to do it justice anymore, and we love it so much we can’t bear to let it gradually decline into crapness.  Bloody work.  Bloody kids.  Bloody neglected husbands.  You know the score.

the chucklemums

Nose-picking Shepherds and Bum-scratching Kings

Last week it was FC#1’s school nativity.  I like my son’s school for many reasons, but I particularly like the fact that they do a proper old-fashioned nativity.  None of this weird “holiday lobster/zebra/hamster” shit.  I am not remotely religious (far from it), but at this time of year you just can’t beat a good old sing-song at the local church and having a discrete weep at the overwhelming cuteness of little kids dressed as shepherds and angels.

Decorating the Tree: are you an Alpha or a Beta?

December is upon us – how did that happen?  This year has whizzed past and it seems like only yesterday I was grumbling and cursing as I forced all the Christmas decorations back into their boxes and gazed despairingly around at my naked, filthy-with-a-dusting-of-glitter house.  But here we are again. Christmas.

Can I tell you a secret?  You may be surprised to learn that…