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Babywearing with Alpha Mummy & Beta Mummy

Before we start, I feel I should make a confession.  I did actually really love “babywearing” (although I hate that term – my baby is not a hat) my two boys.  Proper wraps did befuddle me a little, however, hence the inspiration for this pair of doodles.  I got on much better with my buckled carrier (Boba 4G if you’re interested).

Beta Mummy’s Road trip.

Holidays are coming, and for many of us, that means a bit of a road trip at some point.  You and the kids, packed up in the car, tunes on the radio, off to see Granny and Grandad up North, or down to Devon for the week.  Sounds like fun, right?  WRONG.  Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.  Unless you’re an Alpha Mummy, in which case piss off.

Baking: Alpha Mum/Beta Mum-style

Honestly.  Whoever suggested to me that baking would be a “fun” activity to do with my two toddlers deserves to have the rock-hard, snot-infected products of said baking venture shoved up their arse.

Tea – a Tribute

I love tea.  I just love it.  The taste of it, the warming effect it has, the ritual of making it. (The cake I eat with it…)

Except wait.  No longer can I enjoy a simple cup of tea, one of life’s little pleasures.

Sex: Are you an Alpha Mum or a Beta Mum?

Sex.  Us Beta Mums don’t really have the energy these days, do we?  Given the chance of an early night, I’m thinking comfy PJs, fluffy socks, and a nice Twitter/Instagram/Facebook scroll before rolling over and catching up on a little bit of that four-year sleep deficit.

Introducing Alpha Mummy and Beta Mummy

This site is all about Alpha Mummy and Beta Mummy (or Alpha Mum and Beta Mum, if your kids are a bit older, I suppose).  The poem below attempts – demonstrating genius literary prowess, I’m sure you’ll agree – to explain a little about Alpha and Beta, and the great spectrum of parenthood.