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A little doodle of Beta Daddy looking harassed with children around his feet.

Calling All Beta Daddies!

My blog usually focuses on Beta Mummy and her practically perfect counterpart, Alpha Mummy, but someone recently asked me if there was a Beta Daddy… Well, as regular readers will know, there’s no longer a daddy (Alpha, Beta or otherwise) living in my house, but I thought it was only fair to deflect some attention away from my own parental…

Humour and Heartbreak

This post was originally written for the fantastic Creative Mothers series featured on Lucy’s fantastic Occupation: (M)other blog.  I have included the post in its entirety below.  I was so shy about this post being published, but having had so many positive comments about it on Lucy’s blog , I’m really glad that I did.  

After meeting lots of my fellow bloggers a bit better at Britmums Live, I thought this week would be a good opportunity to publish this getting-to-know-me post on my own page.  It’s not my usual silliness, but I hope you enjoy finding out a little bit more about the story behind Beta Mummy.  Normal service will resume next week!