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Soft Play: a Beta Mummy Utopia

Yes it’s true, I love soft play.  In a sort of hate it kind of way.  I love it because I can basically abandon my children in soft play (yes I’m that parent) and let them get on with it whilst I sit back safe in the knowledge that they’re unlikely to come to any serious harm.  It is called soft play after all – what could possibly go wrong?

A Beta Attempt at Work-Life Balance

I was contacted recently by a lovely reader, asking if Beta Mummy had any advice for attaining a good work-life balance. (ha ha ha I know, I know).  It seemed like a good time to publish these doodles I did a while back , of Beta Mummy and Alpha Mummy at work.

Tea – a Tribute

I love tea.  I just love it.  The taste of it, the warming effect it has, the ritual of making it. (The cake I eat with it…)

Except wait.  No longer can I enjoy a simple cup of tea, one of life’s little pleasures.