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#Chucklemums Public Service Announcement

I bet you came here expecting the #Chucklemums linky… Well I’m very sorry, but we’ve taken the week off to re-brand and re-centre ourselves, or something, and we will be back with you next week. Please don’t cry! While you’re here, why not check out last week’s winners? Twice Microwaved Tea is getting ready to become a Bake Off pro…

#Chucklemums Linky Week 19

Welcome back to #Chucklemums for week 19! Mumzilla has just got hitched and is currently “pre-occupied” on honeymoon, so you’re back with me, Sam (Mouse, Moo & Me Too) and Fran (Whinge Whinge Wine) for another week! Last week of the holidays… Let’s make it a good un! Our two winners last week were A Life Just Ordinary with a post about…

#Chucklemums Week 18

Well hello there – welcome back to #Chucklemums for week 18, co-hosted by little old me.  The point of this linky (blog-share) is for bloggers to share their funniest posts, and for everyone to have a giggle reading them.  So pull up a pew, and let’s go… 

#Chucklemums Linky Week 17

I seem to be making a bit of a habit of this, but here I am again for the third time, co-hosting the pee-your-pants linky, #Chucklemums.  Guaranteed laughs aplenty, so if you have time on your hands and fancy a giggle, read on – welcome to #Chucklemums Week 17…

#Chucklemums Linky Week 16

Once again, regular non-blogger readers, feel free to look away now as this is the weekly bloggers’ linky for linking up the funniest posts around.  Or stay and have a gander at the funnies, either way.

Anyhow, how the devil are you?  A very warm welcome back to #Chucklemums for Week 16 of this pee-your-pants linky.

#Chucklemums Linky Week 15

MumzillaIf you’re not a blogger-type, look away now, sorry.  Unless you want to find some new comedy blogging gold to entertain yourself with, in which case the link at the bottom is a good bet.  Anyhow, without further ado….

Roll up, roll up and welcome back to #chucklemums for week FIFTEEN!  And in case you didn’t notice, little old me, Beta Mummy, is co-hosting the linky this week alongside regular host Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine, and co-co-host, Sam from Mouse Moo Me Too.