Monthly Archives : December 2017

Visiting Santa with Alpha Mummy & Beta Mummy

The annual Father Christmas visit with the children.  (I’m going to call him Father Christmas, because despite Santa being snappier and quicker to type, I am English and we call him Father Christmas.  So there.)

Christmas gifts for Beta Mummies

My family keeps pestering me about what I’d like for Christmas this year, and I always struggle to come up with ideas. Let’s be honest, I have everything that I need, and lots of things that I don’t need, and I think I’m getting to an age where accumulating “stuff” no longer floats my boat.

However, I asked my lovely Facebook followers for ideas, and came up with a few more of my own, and decided to stick some of them all down in this post, in case it helped give any of my fellow Beta Mummies (or Daddies) some inspiration.

doodle showing bedtime in the Alpha house and the Beta house. You can guess which one is a more relaxing affair...

Bedtime with Alpha Mummy & Beta M-zzzzzzz

Bedtime.  Most days I look forward to the sweet release of death bedtime by about 9:30am.  I love the very bones of my children, but my god, by the time about 5pm comes around I am ready to commit some sort of crime.