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Beta Mummy’s Trampoline Shame

I originally wrote this post especially to feature on the excellent “Rookie Mistakes” feature on Claire’s blog “Life, Love and Dirty Dishes”. See my post on her blog here

Rookie Mistakes

The story that follows is in fact the third of three ideas I had for this post. I ran all the ideas past a friend who informed me that I’d probably get Social Services knocking on my door if I published either of the first two.  So I’m afraid that, for now at least, you’re stuck with my rookie mistake number three.

Supermarket Woes.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when an “evening off” consists of going to the supermarket ALONE, and worse still, rather enjoying it…

Beta Mummy’s Beauty Essentials.

I’ll say this now to save your efforts if you are looking for genuine beauty advice – you sure as hell won’t find it here.

If the only three people left on the planet were you, me, and Donald Trump, you’d most certainly be better off going to him for advice on which BB cream to use (I’m not actually sure what that even is) or how best to style your hair (I do “down”, or “ponytail”).  I’m not sure why you would care about your hair style if you were one of only three people left on the planet, particularly if one of the others was Donald Trump, but I digress…